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Fund Raising Specialists

We are looking for 5 to 10 volunteer Fund Raising Specialists to form a team and to work remotely together using phone, email, fax, and all contact tools available to contact the CEO of the fortune 1000 companies in USD and all the Government departments of COVID-19 grants, etc. In the USA and Canada to collect 150 million dollars for our two projects Free Gun and Free Mask, for more details please browse our website at

We will pay you %1 bonus for any donation you bring to our organization, for example, if you bring one million you will get a $10,000

Required skills

1- Good in using PC or Laptop

2- Familiar with google documents (google document, sheets, etc)

3- Salesman skills or phone operator of reception will help.

4- Fluent in English.

5- Have sales, customer service, or marketing experience.

6-You must be 18 years or older and pass a criminal background check.

7- Hard worker and willing to save lives.

Mo Mansour


Help Stop The Virus
Canadian Nonprofit Organization

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