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    Rich countries around the world such as the USA and England, are playing catch-up with COVID-19 coronavirus and having a hard time testing and treating their own citizens.


    Such rich countries are trying to control the spread of COVID-19 in their own countries and in the process they completely forgot about the devastating effect of COVID-19 to the other poor countries, and letting COVID-19 spread like a wildfire in the other developing countries. Such poor countries became poorer with the lockdown measures they enforced trying to stop the spread of the virus.


    It is a fact of life, when it comes down to it, everyone, for himself, and selfishness is maximized. As the father of psychoanalysis, Freud (1856 to 1939) said that the best love in the world is to love yourself, in other words, when it comes down to protecting lives, you will first save yourself and in the process, you will forget about saving others.


    So what happens when a rich man or a  woman a millionaire or a billionaire dies from COVID-19, did he take his money and belonging with him to his grave, NO, maybe in his last breath, wishes if he could dedicate all that he has to stop the virus from killing his loved ones and save the world, but it is usually too late to do it.


    The rich countries forgot to read Help Stop The Virus non-profit organization moto and it is.


    If one person in a poor developing country around the world still has the virus you and I and the rich and poor countries are not safe. We are all in it together.


    That is why Help Stop The Virus non-profit organization was created mainly to eradicate any deadly virus from around the world and especially help the forgotten poor developing countries to slow the spread of the virus and save as many lives as we can, And in the process save the rich countries of the world even if they refused to help the poor countries when the help is needed.


    We are dedicated to open offices all over the poor developing countries and eradicate any deadly virus in such countries to fulfill our mission for the next generation and save the world.

    Our mission


    To eradicate and stop the spread of any deadly virus around the world, especially the world’s poorest countries’ sickest communities and save lives.


    We focus on prevention, awareness, vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, devices, protective equipment, ventilators, medical systems, service innovations, and mobile Apps implement solutions to stop the spread of viruses such as coronavirus, COVID-19, etc., and save the World.


    Thank you for saving lives


    Mo Mansour Director

    Help Stop The Virus

    Nonprofit Organization




    Mailing Free Thermometers Digital Non-Contact Portable Temperature Infrared Guns to Schools, Universities, Factories, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, Homeless Shelters, senior citizens homes, slums, Transportation stations such as train and bus busy stations, sports events places such as football, basketball, swimming pools, racetracks, sports stadiums, etc, In all poor developing countries in the World, To check every person temperature before he enters the gathering, to stop CoronaVirus COVID-19 from infecting more people.




    To stop CoronaVirus COVID-19, infected persons, from infecting more people at any gathering place in the poor developing countries to slow down the rate of infection and save as many lives as we can.




    Color: purple/dark blue/light blue Material: ABS Material: 88*42*175mm Battery: 2 x AAA battery (not included) Measuring range: 32℃~42℃ Measuring distance: 50-150mm


    Package list: 1 x body thermometer 1 x user manual



    • For household: Simple button operation, easy to read backlight display.

    • Auto-off: The body thermometer will be off automatically after 5 seconds without operation.

    • Sound alarm: Once the thermometer detects a high temperature, it will give an alarm.

    • An accurate and fast temperature reading:  It is tested for accuracy and reliability. Simply press a button when you use this digital thermometer, then it will provide an accurate temperature instantly within seconds.

    • Non-contact infrared body thermometer: You don’t need to contact the body when using this thermometer. it can be detected within a distance of 50-150mm.

    • Easy to use: The thermometer is aligned with the middle of the forehead to measure body temperature(between the eyebrows above)and keep the vertical distance, press the button, the temperature will display immediately.

    • Safe to use: Non-contact infrared thermometer, convenient to use, there is no danger of breaking the glass or swallowing mercury.

    Warm tips:

    • The temperature of different parts of the human body is different. We recommended you to measure the temperature of your forehead, wrist

    • Please do not measure in a high-temperature environment or after running and exercising, which may affect the measurement results

    • Please calm down firstly after exercising, and then measure your temperature

    • The battery is not included, please purchase by yourself, but we will send with batteries to selected remote areas.

    free gift from Help Stop The Virus
    free gift from Help Stop The Virus Nonpfrofit organization


    • How we will do it:-

    • We will hire one General manager and 4  Managers each responsible for the poor developing countries in each continent Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, each will hire his employee and or volunteers to assist him in his departments of hiring and or volunteers department, collecting names and addresses of gathering places department (database department), Gun purchase and storing department, logistic and tracking department, opening offices in all poor developing countries department, statistics and evaluation department. etc. We need a small army of employees and or volunteers to help us reach all the gathering places in all the poor developing countries.

    • We will use Google and google maps search to collect the addresses of all the gathering places in all the poor developing countries in the World such as Schools, universities, Factories, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, shopping centers, supermarkets, homeless shelters, senior citizens homes, slums, sports events places such as football, basketball, swimming pools, racetracks, sports stadiums, etc, In all developing poor developing countries. our database could be in hundreds of thousands of places, we will try our best to cover them all.

    • We will use more than one manufacturer and supplier from China to manufacture good quality temperature Guns each with a sticker of our name Help Stop The Virus Nonprofit organization and our website address and it will mention that this is a free Gift from Help Stop The Virus Nonprofit organization to be used to slow down the rate of infection of Coronavirus COVID-19 and ask the supplier to drop ship each order in our name (ship the order using our name and address in Canada and not his name), each order will be between 1 to 5 guns, and he will send it by mail and/or couriers to all destinations. Our logistics and tracking department will use each order tracking number to make sure that each order was delivered to its destination in a good working condition before we release the fund to the supplier.

    • We will also have a form on our website at for any gathering place in the World to request a new and/or a replacement of temperature Guns.

    • When we collect more donations, we will open offices in the big populated poor developing countries using our opening offices department so that we can save our mailing and shipping cost of the devices. Our offices in each country can import the temperature Guns in big quantities (in containers) and then use the local cheap mail office and or delivery services to distribute them to all the gathering places in all the cities of such a country also replace and fix any temperature Gun.

    We do not know how much money we need to cove all the gathering places in poor developing countries. It could be hundreds of thousands of places, which will need millions of dollars and a small army of employees and or volunteers.

    We need your help to make it happen.

    Please help us save you, your loved ones, and the world

    Please donate generously


    We will send you an official donation receipt. Your donation is tax-deductible. So why you have to give your taxes to the government when you can give it to us and save the world.




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    For donation over 5000 US$ Please contact us.

    Donate generously to save your loved ones, FREE YOURSELF from confinement and save thousands of Muslims when they attend Friday prayers.

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