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Donate a mask to a poor person in a developing country



Yes, they found more than one vaccine, but it will take them over one year to vaccinate 60% of anyone who likes to be vaccinated, however

A- only 65% of the people said that they are willing to take the new vaccine.

B- Almost all the people who will be vaccinated will still wear a Mask.

C- Waring a mask is now mandatory by all countries in the world in public places and retail stores to stop the spread of the Virus.

F- Now we are getting a new mutation of the virus one from England and another one from South Africa, and we are not sure that the vaccines we have now can also stop the new virus or not. Probably we need to discover a new vaccine for them and for any new mutation coming to us.

From the above people will be wearing the mask for a long time to come.

All countries and people around the world are infected with the virus and we must help each other to stop it.

Rich countries around the world only care about its own people, and they never want to help poor people in the developing countries. Only you can do it

This creates a wonderful opportunity for you to donate one or more masks to help poor people in the developing countries. You will not only helping them but also stopping them from bringing the virus back to your country.

In other words, by helping them you are helping yourself.

Give a donation between 5 and 10 million dollars to Help Stop The Virus nonprofit organization, we will give you an official receipt to the big downers to get their money back as a tax deductible from their government as a Tax deductible.

We will mail the masks direct from the manufacturers to all gathering places such as

Churches, Mosques,Synagogues, Temples, Schools, universities, sports stadiums, etc. To be distributed at the entrance to anyone who does not wear a mask all over the World.

Please donate $5 or more to help poor people,  and save loved ones


Scan with your mobile to donate between $5 and $5000


Or Use Credit Cards of PayPal


For donation over $5000 please contact us


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